Quality care for every child

GOAL- To improve policies and practices for children living in alternative care

Care for ME! Quality Care for Every Child is the first global advocacy campaign of SOS Children's Villages.

SOS Children’s Villages believes that all children have the right to quality care, which grants children the right to experience the positive, empowering, stable and loving relationships that are vital to their individual personal development.

On International Human Rights Day 2012, SOS Children's Villages International, and several participating national associations, launched the Care for ME! Campaign. 

Care for ME! Campaign Objectives - MAIN OBJECTIVES

SOS Children’s Villages believes that every child,  whether living  with his own  family or  in a form  of alternative care, has  the rights to experience the positive , empowering , stable and loving relationships that  he needs for his  full personal  development. In other words, we  believe  in a  child“s right to  quiality  care.

We define the rights to quality care  not as  one  explicit right, but  a hoslistic concept that encompasses many  child rights,  as well as the  guidance of the UN Guidlines for Alternative  Care of Children. To  us, it is  essentially a supportive concept  that  places the  child’s  best interest and their rights to development at the  core of every action.

We are  committed to guaranting this  rights for all children , and  therefore we work to both strengthen families and ensure suitable quality standards in any form of  alternative  care, including foster care, family –based or family- like  care, or residential care.

That is why we believe in Child Rights to Quality Care

Crying out for their  rights

Care for ME! stems from the results of in-depth research conducted by SOS Children’s Villages across seven countries. The *assessments have uncovered appalling violations of children’s rights across the world. Therefore, a holistic approach combined with cutting-edge practices in social work is being advocated to ensure that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is acted upon in a practical sense.

Needs vary from country to country; however, the message from children living in alternative care, or in vulnerable families, is the same. They are crying out for their human rights when they say Care for ME!

A significant gap exists between the theory behind child rights and the way they are put into practice across the world. For children without parental care, or at risk of losing it, the consequences can be especially severe and potentially irreversible. As Gitta Trauernicht, the vice-president of SOS Children’s Villages International, said: “change is not happening fast enough for all the children concerned. Change needs to happen now.

National assessments were conducted in relation to a country’s obligations under the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.

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