Mission Statement: To provide quality and relevant education in a conducive environment where their potential would be developed holistically.

Vision: To build a conducive and caring learning environment where quality teaching and learning will be promoted in order to produce successful and disciplined students.

Motto: Learning for excellence


The SOS Hermann Gmeiner Lower Basic School was established in 2007 and is located within the SOS Children’s village. It has well maintained structures, a neat environment with a beautiful garden. The school is a registered basic cycle which is yet to expand to an upper basic. The lower basic school is serving the educational needs of children from grades 1-6, including our target groups which are all from ten catchment villages within our environment. We currently implement the national curriculum as well as non-core subjects. The school started its operation on 1st October 2007. It was inaugurated on 24th October 2008 by the Secretary General, SOS Kinderdorf International and sponsors. The staff consist of the following: Principal, Secretary, 7 teachers and 5 ancillary staff. The school has six classrooms, an assembly hall, library and a computer lab. The computer lab is provided to help improve the computer literacy rate and give access to e-learning to children both from the school and the community at no cost. Our hard work and commitment has earned us a place among the best schools in the country. This is clearly manifested in the results of the annual National Assessment Test conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) which shows that our school is a beacon of hope, both nationally and regionally, in terms of academic performance. French is taught to give advantage to children to be bi-lingual and also create more opportunities for them in the future. The school has been registered with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and they regularly supervise and give pedagogical support to enhance performance in line with the education policy. We have a strong human resource base with the relevant qualifications. The present enrolment stands at 239 (133 Boys/106 girls) 36 of whom are SOS FBC children (18 boys/18 girls) while the rest are from the community. We have prepared more than 400 children for basic and secondary education since inception. Our first badge has completed grade 12 and some of them are pursuing higher education in other tertiary institutions in The Gambia. Monthly assessments are conducted as well as examinations (conducted in the first and third terms) which are carried out in a free and fair environment to enhance the academic performance of our students. School policies which are geared towards the protection and welfare of the children attending the school are formulated in collaboration with the students, school Management Committee and staff to make it more participatory. Every term, open days are held to allow parents interact with the teachers to discuss the progress of their children and the way forward.

Academically, our school is a force to reckon with as a private school providing effective teaching and learning in a quality care system and a conducive environment for children to develop holistically. As such, we recorded the following achievements:

  • Best School of the Year (2016) Award and was presented with a certificate by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education through the Regional Education Directorate 6 during their annual award ceremony;
  • Two of our teachers won the 2016 Best Teacher award and were also presented with certificates;
  • We received a certificate for coming out with first position in a Writing Competition organized by VSO The Gambia;
  • We came out  first in a Regional Mathematics competition organized by NATCOM in collaboration with the Regional Education Directorate 6;  
  • Two students from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Lower Basic School namely Hanatullai Ikumapayi (Grade 5) and Asiatou Sise (Grade 6 and Head Girl of the school) took part in  a national Letter Writing Competition organized by Gampost and Universal Postal Services in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education. Six hundred students participated in the competition from Region 1-6 between the ages of 9-15yrs. The topic for the competition was “The World you want to grow up and live in”. After a thorough scrutiny of the various letters submitted by participants, only 18 were shortlisted by the judges which was further reduced to six .The last six were invited to a face to face engagement with the judges in order to establish that they are the real authors. Hanatullah Ikumapayi came out 1st place nationally and had already placed Region 6 on top of all the Regions country-wide. Assiatou Sise emerged with 3rd position nationally and by region, she emerged with 2nd position. Consequently, Region 6 came out 1st and 3rd nationally and both winners were from our school;
  • We participated in a Regional Spelling Competition organized by FIBank in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and one of our students, Yamundaw Mbaye, emerged with 1st position regionally.

In addition, extra-curricular activities are encouraged in the form of sports such as football.

In a nutshell, the children are very happy and safe in the school and they always feel a sense of security as their welfare is high on our agenda as a school  

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