A Story about a Child Who Benefited From SOS Lower Basic School in Basse

Yamundaw Mbaye, aged 12, is from a small village called Kerewan Badala which is the first village on the North Bank of the River. She attended the public school in her village from Grade 1 to 2 and later transferred to SOS Hermann Gmeiner Lower Basic School where she was placed in Grade 2 based on the results of her entry test. Yamundaw is from a very poor background and lived with a single parent, her father. Her father’s source of income is from a canoe he owns which he uses to take people to and from the South and North Bank of the River. Part of this income is used to cater for the welfare of Yamundaw in providing her basic needs and pay for her school fees.

Yamundaw usually crosses the River as early as 7am from Monday to Friday and rides her bicycle to school at a distance of 3km. The beginning of the academic standard at SOS was very challenging for her for the fact that where she started her schooling was sub-standard and, as such, her foundation was poor. However, she gradually started coping and recorded great achievements. In particular, when she was in Grade 3, she sat to the National Assessment Test (NAT) which is an external examination conducted by (WAEC) and scored 100% in all core subjects and this made her academically outstanding in the school and the Region as a whole. She also represented the school at a Regional Mathematics and Spelling Competition organized by the Regional Education Directorate and in both competitions, she came out first. As for internal examinations conducted by the school, she always comes out first in all subjects. In the field of sports, she had participated in 100m/200m race during the inter-house and independence sports and also emerged with 1st position. Her rapid adjustment in terms of academic work is as a result of the effective teaching and learning that is ongoing at the school, coupled with the effort of our hard working staff. Today, the school is a household name and a beacon of hope for the people of Upper River Region.

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