SOS History

SOS Children’s Villages International was founded in 1949 by Dr. Hermann Gmeiner. The first village was established in operation in Imst in Innsbruck -Austria.

In 1982, SOS Children’s Villages became active in The Gambia.

At present, the SOS Children’s Villages Gambia operates two SOS Children’s Villages, one at Bakoteh and the other in Basse. The organisation also run the following programs: A Mother and Child Clinic, a Lower and Upper Basic School in Bakoteh, a Technical Senior Secondary School, a Youth Facility and a Regional Mother and Adult Training Center, Kindergarten and a Vocation Training Center. In Basse, A Youth Facility, Lower Basic School and a Kindergarten and two SOS Finland Funded Projects. The organisation also provides Family Strengthen Programs in all the five regions in the Gambia.