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SOS Children’s Villages signs MoU with the National Nutrition Agency of The Gambia.

SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia signs Memorandum of Understanding with the National Nutrition Agency of The Gambia. The National Nutrition Agency (NaNA), established in 2000 and formally enacted by an Act of National Assembly in 2005, is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all nutrition and nutrition related activities in the country; facilitating inter-sectoral collaboration in the area of nutrition, and implementing the National Nutrition Policy. The Agency also serves as the Secretariat to the National Nutrition Council and the Scaling Up of Nutrition (SUN) Movement in The Gambia. The MoU further aims in strengthening the capacities of SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia Caregivers and beneficiaries in its various community projects and programmes by coordinating technical, human and material resources for the delivery of nutrition relevant training programmes putting into consideration the crucial elements of nutrition and thereby incorporating into its existing plans.

The purpose of this MoU is to;

  • Establish a relationship with like-minded organization/institutions like NaNA in the field of nutrition and related areas;
  • Support SOS Children’s Villages in The  Gambia Programmes fully integrate nutrition objectives in their overall development plans;
  • Ensure the SOS Parents and project beneficiaries understand the importance of nutrition in provision of quality childcare and delivery;
  • Train, organize exchange visits and share best practices in Food and Nutrition Security.
  • Serve as basis for strategic partnership development in the areas of work where synergies are identified.

The areas of cooperation shall be;

  1. Maternal and Child Nutrition
  2. Food Fortification
  3. Healthy Eating and Lifestyle
  4. School Feeding
  5. Nutritional status assessment

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