Idea’s Competition! “Sustainable Waste Management to reduce child rights violation at the Bakoteh dumpsite


Project Title: SustainableWaste Management to reduce child rights violation at the Bakoteh dumpsite (BMZ)


SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia through Hermann Gmeiner Fonds Deutschland in partnership with Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) has secured funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation for Development (BMZ) to implement the BMZ Bakoteh Dumpsite project. The twenty-six months Project is aim at improving Sustainable Waste Management to protect children and families in the neighborhood of Bakoteh dumpsite from Health and Environmental hazards as well reduce Child Right Violation in and around the dumpsite.

The Bakoteh dumpsite is the largest dumpsite in The Gambia. There is no functioning waste management system and the poor infrastructure in place leads to serious Child Right violations and negative effects for families and communities.

The target outcomes span four areas which shall lead to better solid waste management, improved living conditions for waste pickers and reduction of Child Rights violations in the site. The four components are:

  • Improving the infrastructure of the dumpsite;
  • build the capacities of 100 individuals from relevant partners (dump site management, government, community);
  • strengthen 200 families with a total of 1,000 children (100 from the communities, 100 “waste-pickers” families coming from other communities) through e.g. awareness raising and income-generating activities. In addition, 50 youths (at least 50% female) will be engaged in vocational trainings;
  • Engagement of more than 5,000 through mass sensitization by using creative formats (tv, radio, music, arts, sports).

As part of activities in the fourth component namely Awareness raising and Advocacy, The BMZ project at SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia is in the process of implementing an  ‘Ideas Competition’ which is geared towards encouraging young people countrywide to share concepts and ideas on Sustainable waste practices


Applications are invited from young people and youth groups within the country to take part in an idea’s competition aligned with the theme “Sustainable Waste Management to reduce child rights violation at the Bakoteh dumpsite.”

Applicants are required to develop and submit ideas on how to support in sustainable waste management. The concepts should be in line with solving the problems of indiscriminate waste dumping, waste segregation, waste recycling and “green jobs”, how households can produce less waste, dangers of the dumpsite for children and adults etc. The applicant with the best idea will be selected and trained in the further development of their concepts.

In line with the project terms and conditions, a sum of 1000 Euros   will be made available to the successful applicants for the implementation of the ideas. purchases and expenditures in relation to implementing the successful concepts will be made by the project team.

Applicant Criteria:

  • Individual or youth groups between the ages of 14-35
  • Idea most be realistic and environmentally friendly
  • Idea must be within budget or show evidence of co-funding ability
  • Most be able to defend the idea
  • Open to all young people

Application Format: One-page concept or drawing

To apply, please submit your application at the SOS National Office. Applications should be addressed to

The National Director

SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia

HG Drive, Bakoteh

The deadline for submission of applications is Wednesday, 18th May 2022 at 4.30 pm. 

For more information, please call +220 2010405/ +220 360 5822

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