SOS Children’s Villages signed MoU with MBOLO ASSOCIATION.

SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia believes that partnership and collaboration is becoming evident and necessary especially when it comes to issues relating to children, women and youth development around the world.

Thus on Friday the 27th of May 2022, we signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Mbolo Association to strengthen the partnership and cooperation between SOS Children’s Villages and Mbolo Association in The Gambia.

What is Mbolo Association? Mbolo Association is a non-profit organization based in The Gambia since 2010. The association strongly advocates for alleviating poverty whilst protecting the environment and promoting gender equality. Fandema is the Mbolo Association’s flagship project located in Tujereng and addresses one of the priorities of The Gambia: To enhance women’s livelihoods by strengthening their productive capacities and abilities through training in entrepreneurship whilst powering their professional activities with renewable energy.

Two main areas of cooperation

Strategic: Aspiring to jointly reach strategic objectives of the parties’ target groups; jointly mobilize funds and engage donors (locally and internationally); Co-funding commitments; Advocate on specific development themes (Climate Change, Youth and Women Empowerment, Gender and Environmental Protection)•

Operational: Jointly implement projects; joint capacity building and training; mentoring and coaching.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by the National Director SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia , Chairman Mbolo Association and other key staff of both parties.

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