Regional Mothers-&-Adults Training Centre

Read some of many personal testimonies of the Impact of the RMATC Programme on the lives of the young people…

Pierre Jatta was born to poor farmers who could not afford to educate him and his siblings and high expectations were put on Pierre as the only male and last born.

Pierre Jatta was a beneficiary of the Social Work Programme, completed of his Diploma in Social Work 2015, he was engaged in a three years contract to head the SOS Child Protection Program, completed High School, and entered early employment. He worked in the hotel industry for five years and is now a Field Assessor in the Social Work Program at the RMATC

Lamin’s father worked as a local gardener at the SOS Regional Mother/Adult Training Centre.
He was trained on small scale business management before he benefited from financial support of the programme Given this support system,
Lamin was able to complete his secondary education & successfully complete a Social Work Certificate Program is engaged at the FSP Bakoteh on voluntary service.
Lamin now advises children and youths in SOS facilities

Oumie Saidy’s parents were so poor that she would have sell at the market and often miss classes. She attended certificate and diploma programme at SOS RMATC and gained good from good counselling. Upon graduating in 2018, Oumie got a well paid job at the Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations, a key Unit of the Truth, Reparations and Reconciliation Commission. Oumie is now the breadwinner of her family. In fact, she has recently sent her younger siblings back to school and her parents are happy about the success of their daughter Oumie.