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Give children in need a future

Help change children's lives by investing in creating
 opportunities to learn, mature and develop life skills

Be a godparent

Every day in Gambia, as in the whole world, there are children living without the presence of their parents.
Poverty, mistreatment, family dramas and sexual abuse cause families to disintegrate – the main victims are children.
Without parental care, they struggle to survive because their parents are not there when they need it most.
These children need love and care and, of course, food, clothing, medical care and education. These kids need your help!

Please help them grow into a family

Please indicate how much you wish to support monthly

Common Questions

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What is Sponsorship

Answer. Sponsorship consists of making monetary donations on a regular basis to a specific village, family home or child. As a fundraising strategy, sponsoring is creating new opportunities for the future of a child or a community. 

Who can be an SOS godfather or godmother?

Answer.  If you are a suitable and responsible person, concerned with the well-being of the child and your community, you can be a Godfather or Godmother. Without age or gender limits, you can sponsor SOS projects or children. In the case of minors, a guardian must carry out the Sponsorship, but in their name. 

How much does it cost you to sponsor?

Answer. It is easy. Simply contact SOS Gambia by telephone, email, fill out and send the form on the website, or contact us in person at our Head Office.

How much does it cost to sponsor?

Answer: You contribute however you can, as much as you can and for as long as you wish.

Your contribution makes the difference

Answer. The Contribution of the SOS godparent supports the organization with the current expenses of running the villages, thus guaranteeing medical and educational assistance to children and young people, as well as the benefited communities. . 

Can you meet or visit the person or village you sponsor?

Answer. Yes! You can closely monitor the development of your godchild. Get in touch with us and schedule your visit. It will be a pleasure to welcome you. 

Your rights and duties

As a SOS Godmother or Godfather, you have the following RIGHTS

:• Receive a letter confirming your membership as a Godfather.

• Receive a Diploma of recognition as a Friend of SOS Children's Villages and a person who contributes to the achievement of its mission.

• Be informed about SOS Children's Villages' activities and plans at least twice a year.

• Receive proof of the total contributions made to SOS Villages, by March 15th of the year following the contribution.

• Obtain, within 72 hours, any clarifications you have requested from  SOS customer service via tel.:  or email: 

• Visit SOS projects and programs, as well as sponsored children. A prior agreement with the National Sponsorship Officer is required, and can be done via the Attendance Services.

• Be treated as a valued partner, with respect and consideration.

Likewise, DUTIES described below:

• Respect the norms, principles and values of SOS Children's Villages

.• Protecting information about the intimate life of sponsored children and other children from SOS projects and programs to which they have had access, keeping them confidential.

• Honor the commitments made to SOS Children's Villages, in particular with regard to regular contributions.

• Participate, whenever possible, in SOS events to which you have been invited.

• Communicate to the National Sponsorship service, through the SOS Friend Support services - Tel.: ; email: 

 - any intention to suspend or cancel sponsorship. This communication must be made at least one month in advance, indicating (optional) the reasons for the cancellation.

Links or responsibilities of those you sponsor

By sponsoring, you do not create legal ties with the child or the Sponsored Project. You will only have the responsibility to contribute periodically according to the data you entered in the membership form as an SOS godparent  and the satisfaction of including an extra friend in your life.

 If you wish, you can visit the child or the sponsored project. 

However, you can register with us to facilitate the exchange of experiences, ask questions, receive invitations to activities carried out by SOS Gambia.  

What is you cannot continue sponsorship?

By becoming Godfather or Godmother of an SOS project or child, you assume no legal commitment. 

Your participation is completely voluntary and philanthropic . 

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