Our Core Values - 1. Courage
We make a long-term commitment to children and their communities and deliver quality services that support them to succeed in life
Our Core Values - 2. Trust
We believe in each other. We work with stakeholders in a spirit of teamwork, giving and receiving trust to achieve our missions
Our Core Values - 3. Accountability
We are reliable partners. We are accountability to our children, communities, partners and donors. Our greatest responsibility is to ensure quality care.

SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia seeks to ensure that the family structure is strengthened in such a way that there are less or absolutely no vulnerable children being left to fend on their own. We ensure that no child is left to grow up alone by providing whenever necessary a family, siblings and a secure environment for vulnerable children to grow up in.


We call upon governments and communities to fulfil their commitments for children without parents or at risk of losing parental care, and we support them in their efforts. This work is guided by the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and is in the framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We advocate for measures to prevent the loss of parental care. We also support the development and implementation of alternative care quality standards and demand continuous monitoring of these standards. 

SOS Children’s Villages The  Gambia  provides alternative care for children in need ( Children without adequate parental care and those at risk of using parental care. We have 32 years of experience in offering longer-term alternative care based on a family-like care model, which we call SOS family care, and in other alternative forms of care such as foster care and small group homes