SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia is looking for a Consultant to carry out an Endline Evaluation to assess the impact of the Sustainable Nutrition Improvement Project (SNIP) in the lives of the participants and their environment. The quality of the project design and implementation will also be assessed.

SOS Children’s Villages believes that adequate livelihood and food security is an important part of ensuring a family’s capacity to care for their children. With funding from the European Union, SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia implemented a four-year project on Sustainable Nutrition Improvement in three
(3) communities in the Upper River Region, Kosemar, Fatako and Tabajang.
Within the scope of this recently concluded Sustainable Nutrition Improvement Project,
SOS CV addressed the root causes of child malnutrition by building the capacity
of community actors and caregivers to ensure good nutrition practices, livelihood, food security, and social protection at the household and community level.

By doing so, the project reduced the likelihood of families seeking alternative solutions like family separation and illegal migration to Europe, directly supporting the mandate of SOS CV and the global objective of the European Commission (EC) call for proposals (CfP), specifically to facilitate access to diversified and quality nutritious, traditional foods in vulnerable rural households.

This assessment is proposed to take place within approximately 35 days, between December 2022 and January 2023, and should be completed by 9th January 2023.

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